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    Boners Delay Spray

    250.00 200.00

    Boners Delay Spray delays your orgasm so you can keep going longer. It helps with oversensitivity and can prevent disappointment in the bedroom. The small bottle has the perfect size to keep in your nightstand. The spray cap makes it easy to apply the spray.

    Desire Libido Enhancer

    220.00 200.00

    Desire Women’s Libido Enhancer, 100% Natural Supplement, Clinically Proven to Boost Sexual Drive, Increase Lubrication & Enhance Stimulation Maca, Horny Goat Weed, Ashwagandha & More.

    Lure Her/Him Pheromone Attractant

    200.00 190.00

    Beautiful 50ml Lure Her/Him Pheromone Attractant Perfume.  Sex Attract Female/Male Fragrance.

    Okeny’s Male Spray

    180.00 170.00

    Okeny’s Aphrodisiac Male Spray is a  Men Seductive Aphrodisiac Male Spray Oil and Pheromone Flirt Scented Water.

    Spanish Fly Aphrodisiac

    240.00 200.00

    Made up of aphrodisiac ingredients, Spanish Fly Aphrodisiac  inspires passion, boosts your libido and gets you in the mood for love.

    Viaxi Delay Spray

    250.00 230.00

    Viaxi Delay Spray for Men, is a male genital desensitiser that gives cooling effect and decreases sensitivity for extended love making. Odourless, colourless and tasteless.

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